The Maui Linux is a reborn version of Ubuntu based Netrunner Desktop edition featuring KDE Plasma desktop. Netrunner Desktop edition is still alive (at least by that name), but is based on Debian instead of Ubuntu. Maui Linux is based on KDE Neon project which is basically Ubuntu LTS with latest KDE Plasma presentation layer.

Preview of Maui Linux Desktop CREDIT : Dedoimedo Portal

The dedoimedo portal has published a review on Maui Linux 2.1. Throughout the review, a positive experience is being presented though with some minor fall backs. The review travels through different aspects of the system and presents positive remarks like less resource utilization without compromising performance and responsiveness, reasonable battery life, a working package management front-end, ie synaptic, which may not be liked by new users, a nice choice of applications, fair amount of customization to offer a familiar experience and good hardware support. Also, some rough edges are figured out like, printer support, slower update process and few other cosmetic glitches.

Maui Linux 2.1 Blue Tang is a surprisingly and yet expectedly good Plasma system, using some of that Mint-like approach to home computing. It's what Kubuntu should have been or should be, and it delivers a practical, out-of-the-box experience with a fine blend of software, fun and stability. That's a very sensible approach. Not everything was perfect. Plasma has its bugs, the printer and the web cam issues need to be looked into, and on the aesthetics side, a few things can be polished and improved. The installer can benefit from having some extra safety mechanisms. But I guess that is the sum of my complaints. On the happy side, you get all the goodies from the start, the application collection is rich, the distro did not crash, and the performance is really decent for a Plasma beastling. A fine formula, and probably the best one we've seen in the last eighteen months or so.

See complete review in dedoimedo portal for more details and screenshots.