The Tails project has announced the release of Tails 3.9. It marks the biggest update of the amnesic live incognito system in this year. Tails 3.9 includes two main features on which the team has been working for a year. The features include the ability to install additional software automatically on launching the live session and the integration of VeraCrypt a tool to encrypt and decrypt partitions.

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The main highlights of Tails 3.9 release can be briefed as,

  • Ability to install additional software automatically when booting to the Tails system. Whenever you install a Debian package, a confirmation will be asked to include the package in additional software list.
  • Tails 3.9 includes the VeraCrypt integration to encrypt and decrypt partition. This feature is inherited from the GNOME ecosystem.
  • Thunderbird is now the official feed and RSS reader in Tails. Existing librerea will be removed by the Tails 3.12 release.
  • Improve the configuration of the persistent storage to make it easier to scroll and consistent with the GNOME guidelines.
  • The Tor Browser has been updated to 8.0 which is based on Firefox 60.0 ESR
  • Thunderbird has been updated to version60.
  • Tor to is included
  • Updated Electrum to from 3.0.6 to 3.1.3.
  • Updated Linux to 4.17 which provides better hardware support and also fixes the Foreshadow attack.
  • Update the DRM and Mesa libraries to improve support for some graphics cards.
  • Updated the Intel and AMD microcodes and most firmware packages.

For further information on Tails 3.9, read release announcement published on Tails website.