The Tails GNU/Linux team has announced the availability of Tails 3.10.1, the latest update of the amnesic incognito live system. This release fixes various security issues observed in the previous release.

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Tails recommends a quick upgrade

Each Tails release is coming with a set of security updates. Tails 3.10.1 is also not an exception. So, it is highly recommended to update to the latest release, if you are running any previous release. More you stay updated, safer you will be.

What changed in Tails 3.10.1

Tails 3.10.1 is coming with a set of security improvements, package updates and issue fixes. The main highlights in this release are listed below.

  • The PIM option is hidden now when unlocking VeraCrypt volumes because PIM won’t be supported until Tails 4.0.
  • The buttons in Tails installer has been renamed to Install (or Upgrade) and Cancel. This is done to avoid confusion.
  • The Linux Kernel has been updated 4.8 which provides improved hardware compatibility and reduced power consumption.
  • Tor Browser is updated to 8.0.3
  • Thunderbird 60.2.1 is included
  • The language leak through the Tor Browser session is fixed
  • Additional Software is updated to not ask for persistence confirmation, when it is already configured.
  • The Tails Installer is fixed to not crash when showing error message having non-ASCII characters.
  • VeraCrypt is fixed to support multiple encryptions
  • The sudo configuration is hardened to improve security.

Download Tails 3.10.1

Tails 3.10.1 images can be downloaded from the Tails download page. It can be downloaded either as an ISO file or using the torrent file.