The Audacity team has announced the release of Audacity 2.3.0, the latest stable release of open source, multi-tracking audio recording, and editing tool. This release is currently available for Windows only. For the Linux, Audacity 2.3.0 will continue as an experimental release.

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Audacity 2.3.0 brings over 90 bug fixes and other features additions comparing to its predecessor 2.2.0. New features include the usability and also functionality improvements. Quoting from the official release announcement, Audacity 2.3.0 features are,

  • Punch and Roll Recording feature
  • Pinned-play-head can now be repositioned by dragging
  • Play-at-speed now can be adjusted whilst playing.
  • Toolbars controlling volume and speed can now be resized for greater precision
  • Macros (formerly ‘Chains’) substantially extended
  • New Macro palette
  • Macros can be bound to keyboard keys
  • New commands
  • New ‘Tools’ menu
  • New ‘Scriptables’ commands
  • Nyquist gains AUD-DO command
  • Nyquist effects are now translatable and translated
  • More dialogs have help buttons now
  • Increased legibility of track name display
  • Half-wave option for collapsed tracks
  • Sliding Stretch
  • Dialog (option) for entering labels

Its still 32 BIT only

Presently, Audacity is compiled against 32-bit libraries. This will work for all platforms including macOS. However, macOS prefers applications compiled against 64-bit libraries. In order to tackle this, the next minor release, Audacity 2.3.1, will be having a 64-bit installer for macOS.


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