Mr Tulliana of Archman GNU/Linux team has announced the availability of Archman 2019.09 with the code name Lake With Fish (Şanlıurfa-Balıklıgöl in Turkish). This updated snapshot includes updated packages from Arch repositories, more tweaking for UI elements, and other bug fixes.

Archman 2019.09 Xfce Edition Preview

Archman is an Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution with additional customizations. You can read more about Archman in our gallery.

What is new in Archman 2019.09?

The Archman 2019.09 snapshot is using Xfce Desktop environment by default. It brings some customizations to Xfce Desktop and has fixed some issues reported in previous releases. The main changes are listed below.

  • The Xfce panel size is set to 70% and will be placed on the bottom-center of the screen. With the autohide features, this will help users to make maximum use of their screen size.
  • The open applications list in the panel is updated to show only icons and is grouped by default.
  • The default Papirus icon theme has been replaced with Surfn Arc icon set.
  • Added description about the distribution & the code name in Archman Sample Files
  • Tkpacman is added to Archman repositories as an alternative package manager.
  • Also, there are many updated packages from Arch repositories.

You can read the official Archman 2019.09 release announcement (Dead Link) in Archman website.

Following section showcases, some screenshots capture on Archman 2019.09 Xfce Edition.

Video Preview

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