Among the hundreds of GNU/Linux distributions, most of the distributions are really boring in terms of both features and innovations. Some distributions provide a rock-solid foundation, while some other provides good visual experience.

There are very few distributions which provide the freshness in both concept and appearance. Endless OS is one among them. It provides a solid system with the help of technologies like OStree and Flatpak. At the same, it customizes the GNOME shell to provide a unique and functional desktop experience.

The latest release of Endless OS, Endless OS 3.6 brings updated packages from Debian buster branch and the latest GNOME 3.32 release. It provides a smooth user experience without any additional resource usage. In fact, the GNOME shell in Endless OS is using less amount of memory compared to other distributions like Ubuntu & Fedora.

If you are a DistroHopper or one who curiously look for innovations in GNU/Linux distributions, you should definitely try Endless OS. It won’t be a loss of time for sure.

You may get inspired by the screenshots of Endless OS 3.6.0 for trying this distribution.

Video Preview

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