Mr. Tomas Matejicek has announced the release of Slax 9.6.4. It is the 4th update in Slax 9.6.x series and brings multiple bugfixes and improvements.

A preview of Slax Linux

The main highlights of Slax 9.6.4 include the ability to boot into text mode, additional hardware drivers and updated xLunch with the capability to launch applications without unnecessary console on the background.

Citing from the official release announcement, following are highlights of Slax 9.6.4 release.

  • Implemented scrollbar indicator for xlunch, so the user can see if there are more icons beyond the current page
  • X is now started on vt7 terminal as it is usually the case in all Linux distros (it was on vt2 before)
  • The user can select text-mode boot by specifying ‘text’ boot parameter
  • Commands dir2sb and sb2dir were rewritten to act as conversion utilities
  • Added b43 Broadcom firmware
  • Added genslaxiso command to create new ISO file, optionally adding new modules
  • The gateway address is now properly set on PXE clients when pxe server is started in Slax
  • xLunch launcher now starts GUI applications without unnecessary terminal window

Also, the developer has published a tutorial for customizing Slax Linux.