The amnesic incognito system project has announced the release of Tails 3.16, latest stable release of privacy-oriented GNU/Linux distribution giving at most importance for the users’ anonymity and privacy while using the open internet.

Tails 3.16 Preview

The Tails 3.16 release is coming with updated Tor Browser - a secure web browser for anonymously surfing the internet - and other bug fixes and security improvements.

What is new in Tails 3.16?

As the usual release from Tails project, the Tails 3.16 also includes some system-level configuration changes, updated packages, and bug fixes. The noteworthy points are listed below.

  • The LibreMath application has been removed from the default office suite. It can be installed again from Additional Software tool or using the command line.
  • Predefined bookmarks have been removed from Tor Browser. This is like giving more privileges to the user to deice what to have and what not to have.
  • Removed the predefined I2P and IRC accounts in Pidgin
  • The Tor Browser has been updated to version 8.5.5
  • The Linux Kernel has been updated to Linux to 4.19.37-5 which fixes a variant of Spectre vulnerability.
  • The firmware and driver packages have been updated to provide better compatibility with modern applications.
  • Fixed the issue of opening persistent USB disk from another Tails USB stick
  • Removed security level indicator from the unsafe browser (without Tor network)

For more information on Tails 3.16, read distributions official release announcement.