The 4MLinux team has announced the release of 4MLinux 43.0 - latest stable release of independent and minimialistic GNU/Linux distribution with different flavors. The 4MLinux 43.0 brings exciting features and package updates.

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What’s new in 4MLinux 43.0?

The following section briefly explains the key features in 4MLinux 43.0. For further reading you may also check the 4MLinux 43.0 official release announcement.

Enhanced Document Editing and Web Browsing

In the latest 4MLinux 43.0 series, users can enjoy seamless document editing using LibreOffice 7.5.5 and GNOME Office, equipped with AbiWord 3.0.5, GIMP 2.10.34, and Gnumeric 1.12.55. Web browsing has also been elevated with the availability of Firefox 115.0.2 and Chrome 115.0.5790.110, ensuring a smooth and efficient Internet experience.

Efficient Email Management

Thunderbird 115.0.1 allows users to efficiently manage their emails, ensuring seamless communication and organization.

Immersive Entertainment

Entertainment options in 4MLinux 43.0 are now more immersive than ever. Users can enjoy their favorite music collections with Audacious 4.3.1 and watch videos using VLC 3.0.18 and SMPlayer 23.6.0. The gaming experience is powered by Mesa 23.1.1 and Wine 8.12, offering a diverse range of gaming experiences.

Empowering Web Servers with 4MLinux LAMP

The 4MLinux LAMP Server, equipped with Linux 6.1.33, Apache 2.4.57, MariaDB 10.6.14, PHP 5.6.40, PHP 7.4.33, and PHP 8.1.19, empowers users to set up robust and efficient web servers.

Retro and Modern Multimedia Playback

4MLinux takes multimedia playback to the next level. With XMMS, users can enjoy a vast number of old sound formats from systems like Amiga, Atari, Commodore, ZX Spectrum, and more. Furthermore, XMMS is now capable of playing modern AVC/HEVC videos, providing a well-rounded multimedia experience.

Diverse Programming Tools

For developers, 4MLinux offers a plethora of programming tools, including the latest versions of Perl 5.36.0, Python 2.7.18, Python 3.11.3, and Ruby 3.1.4, catering to various development needs.

Other exciting New Features

The latest major release of 4MLinux brings a host of exciting new features. SoundFonts for FluidSynth and mtPaint, a raster graphics editor, enhance audio and visual capabilities. Java-based games, including Flappy Bird, Karoshi, Micropolis, and Zuma, as well as proprietary web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, are now available as downloadable extensions.

Installing 4MLinux 38.0 on VirtualBox

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