The Nitrux team has announced the immediate availability of Nitrux 1.0.10, the latest stable release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution featuring Nomad desktop. This release includes various package updates from Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver, along with some look and feels improvements.

Nitrux 1.0.10 banner Image Courtesy : OCSMag

What is Nitrux OS?

Nitrux is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution targeting mainly desktop and laptop users. In addition to all the benefits from Ubuntu, it also promotes portable applications formats like AppImage.

While using the Ubuntu core to perform essential operating system functionalities, Nitrux is planning to develop a clean desktop experience. Nitrux makes use of Plasma Desktop and KDE Applications to provide a better user experience. It also provides an in-house developed software suite called Nomad Desktop.

What is new in Nitrux 1.0.10?

Unlike many other mainstream distributions, Nitrux does n’t publish a detailed blog post for each release. Instead, they make a brief release announcement on social media accounts like twitter, google plus and facebook.

Quoting from the Nitrux 1.0.10 release announcement published in project’s google plus account, following are some highlights in Nitrux 1.0.10 release.

  • Updated packages from bionic.
  • Updated Nomad Software Center.
  • Updated Software Updater.
  • Updated kernel to version 4.15.14.
  • Latest version of Plasma 5 (5.12.80), KDE Apps (18.07.70), KF5 (5.45.0) and Qt 5 (5.10.0).
  • Updated Look and Feel.
  • Added X11 userland driver support for: VMware.
  • Added character support for Chinese and Japanese.
  • Added AppImage Integration Tool.
  • Added support for EFI mode.

You can read more about Nitrux in project’s getting started section.

Download Nitrux 1.0.10

The Nitrux installation images can be downloaded from OpenDesktop hosting or as a torrent file. The installation image is of size 1.39 GB and it supports AMD64/Intelx64 systems.