The Slax team has announced the release of Slax 9.4 Final, the latest stable release of GNU/Linux distribution that follows a minimalistic and fully modular approach. This release includes package updates from base distribution, numerous bug fixes and single click installation launchers for various applications.

What is Slax?

Slax is a live GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian stable branch that can be directly booted from any storage media. Despite being a small sized distribution, Slax provides a full-fledged Fluxbox desktop with essential applications like command line emulator and web browser.

Preview of application launcher in Slax 9.4

What is new in Slax 9.4?

One of the key highlights of Slax 9.4 release is the inclusion of shortcuts for various popular applications like VLC, VoteCoin ..etc. These applications are not included in Slax by default. But, when you try to open these applications for the first time, it will be downloaded and installed automatically. If this approach really works, then the team will try to include more application launchers in upcoming releases. You can also get in touch with Slax team to include your favorite applications in this manner.

Slax 9.4 also includes package updates from current Debian stable branch, along with numerous bug fixes. The file manager is improved to understand various file types. So, it is now easier for users to open files like images and documents.

Quoting from Slax 9.4 road map, following are other changes in this release:

  • add rfkill so users can switch on/off their wifi devices
  • make xlunch in Slax search for icons in /usr/share/pixmaps too, else many apps won’t show up in the list
  • if there are more rows with icons in xLunch, next row is displayed at the bottom of the screen, should be on top
  • include libdrm-intel1, libgl1-mesa-dri, libglu1-mesa packages in Slax for direct rendering. Adds 8 MB :(
  • alright, add /usr/share/games to PATH
  • enable hotkeys in alsa config (enabling volumeUp/Dn/mute buttons)
  • if the filesystem is not known, do not add partition to fstab, else it fails miserably
  • add xarchiver
  • remove unneeded packages grub* vim* debconf-i18n installation-report
  • consider cbatticon as a battery monitor
  • Setup file associations in the file manager, as per this suggestion
  • add shortcuts to apps which will auto-install and then run

Download Slax 9.4

Download Slax 9.4 64 BIT ISO (260 MB)

Download Slax 9.4 32 BIT ISO (265 MB)

Download Slax 9.4 IPXE Image (0.9 MB)