The antiX team has announced the latest release of antiX-23.1 (Arditi del Popolo), a bug-fix version built upon Debian Bookworm. Continuing the commitment to providing a completely systemd-free and elogind-free experience, antiX offers both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures in ISO files for sysVinit or runit.

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Flavors Available:

  • antiX-full (Approx. 1.7GB): This edition comes packed with four window managers – IceWM (default), fluxbox, jwm, and herbstluftwm, alongside the full LibreOffice suite. The x64 versions offer a choice between two kernels: Legacy 5.10 and Modern 6.1.
  • antiX-base (Approx. 1GB): Similar to the full version, this edition features four window managers and is ideal for users who prefer a more lightweight setup.
  • antiX-core (Approx. 520MB): This edition skips X, but provides robust support for most wireless functionalities.
  • antiX-net (Approx. 220MB): A minimalist version designed to get you connected (wired) and ready to build, without X.

Key Highlights:

  • Kernel Customization: Linux Kernel 5.10.197 is customized for optimal performance.
  • LibreOffice & Browsers: Enjoy LibreOffice 4:24.2.0-1 and Firefox ESR 115.8.0esr-1 (on antiX-full) or Seamonkey (on antiX-base) for productivity and browsing needs.
  • Multimedia & Utilities: From audio players like XMMS to video players like Celluloid and MPV, antiX serves multimedia needs. Seamlessly play YouTube videos with smtube, manage PDFs with qpdfview, and more.
  • No Snaps or Flatpaks: No snaps and flatpaks due to their dependency on systemd and elogind respectively.
  • Wide Range of Tools: Whether you need file managers, editors, network tools, or backup utilities, antiX 23.1 includes a plethora of applications to cater to your needs.
  • CLI Apps: Dive into a range of command-line applications for various tasks including editing, news reading, chatting, and more.

What’s New?

  • Enhanced In-House Scripts and Applications: The antiX team has fine-tuned many of in-house scripts and introduced new applications such as - antiX TV, antiX Radio, Finder, antiX SAMBA manager, and more.
  • Additional Repositories: Explore additional antiX apps available in the repositories for added functionality.

Try it Out!

The antiX 23.1 flavors are available for free download from the project’s official website.

Download antiX 23.1