The ArcoLinux team has announced the release of ArcoLinux 19.12, the latest stable snapshot of Arch based GNU/Linux distribution that is aiming to teach the Linux way of doing things. In addition to the usual package updates, this release includes some Arco specific improvements which makes the system more consistent and customizable.

ArcoLinux 19.12 i3 Preview - Courtes: ArcoLinux

The main highlights in Arco Linux 19.12 release are briefed below.

  • CARLI - Customized Arch Linux ISO - version 3 is included. It also includes a custom boot menu logo, that yells brand name.
  • Calamares installer 3.2.16, which includes several improvements such as NVIDIA driver installation module, ability to stick with LTS kernel during installation, intel or AMD processor detection module to install processor-specific packages, autologin feature, Pacman database ..etc
  • All the ISO’s are updated show a single set of presentation slides on Calamares.
  • A new icon theme is created for Plasma Desktop.
  • A new package is added for Conkies in Plasma.
  • and much more…

For the complete list of changes and screenshots of ArcoLinux 19.12 release, read the official release announcement.