The CutefishOS team has announced the release of Cutefish 0.6 Beta, another development release from the GNU/Linux desktop and distribution project focusing on simplifying the user experience.

CutefishOS offers a familiar user experience by adopting a mac-inspired workflow and look and feel.

Cutefish desktop featured image

What’s new in CutefishOS 0.6?

CutefishOS 0.6 Beta brings several improvements to the system settings applications. It also fixes numerous issues to improve the overall system stability.

The main highlights of the CutefishOS 0.6 Beta release are as follows.

  • Support drag and drop of the tray icons to change the position.
  • Introduces network proxy, sound settings, 24-hour time format, Bluetooth settings, power management, and dock configuration in the system settings app.
  • Add media control component and unlock animation in the lock screen.
  • File Manager supports drag and drop, and shows hidden files.
  • Introduces About the system app.

Getting CutefishOS 0.6 Beta

For the existing users of CutefishOS 0.5, the latest changes will be available with regular system update operation.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt dist-upgrade

For the new users, the installation image will be available in the below locations. Download Cutefish OS 0.6 (Google Drive) Download CutefishOS 0.6 (Mega)

CutefishOS 0.6 Beta screenshots

Video Preview

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