The CutefishOS team has announced the public availability of CutefishOS 0.5 Beta. Cutefish OS 0.5 Beta is the first official image from the CutefishOS team. With the Debian 11 Foundation, CutefishOS 0.5 Beta release offers a smooth desktop experience.

Cutefish desktop featured image

The noteworthy highlights in CutefishOS 0.5 are as follows:

  • The file manager can now support sorting, show hidden files. Also, the startup is much faster now.
  • The Settings app now includes options to configure the touch version, minimize animation, and dock smart hide.
  • The launcher introduces the drag and drop option, and the ability to add and remove new items.
  • The terminal supports window transparency, blur, and font settings.
  • Cutefish 0.5 also includes a new notification system.
  • Introduces a new screenshot app
  • Introduces a new video player

For further reading, see CutefishOS 0.5 Beta release announcement.

Download CutefishOS 0.5 Beta (Google Drive)

Manjaro Cutefish screenshots

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Video Preview

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