The deepin release engineering team has announced availability of deepin 15.5, latest stable release of Debian based, beautiful and userfriendly GNU/Linux distribution. This release includes various feature improvements and othe package updates.

deepin 15.5 provides complete HD support

The main highlights of deepin 15.5 includes:

  • Full HD support - deepin 15.5 is capable to identify various HD displays and adapt proper resolution for fonts, screen and icons ..etc
  • Easy backup & restore function - deepin 15.5 includes Deepin Clone to backup, restore your precious data. You can also fix boot issues using Deepin Recovery tool.
  • Support for WiFi hotpsot - Now, you can enable a WiFi hotspot in your deepin operating system. It lets you to share network with others.
  • Finger print recognizion and more gesture functions
  • Autocolor and temperature adjust to protect your eyes.
  • Various updated applications in deepin eco-system and also various upstream projects.
  • Several improvements in various deepin modules and visual elements.

For a complete list of changes, read original release announcement for deepin 15.5.