The deepin community has announced the release of deepin 20.1, the latest stable snapshot of elegant and functional GNU/Linux distribution. The deepin 20.1 is coming with Debian 10.6 Foundation and includes Linux Kernel 5.8 and other optimizations.

deepin 20.1 preview

As an incremental release with Debian 10.x foundation, deepin 20.1 brings updates to the core packages and visual and user experience improvements on deepin specific packages.

The main highlights in the deepin 20.1 release are as follows.

  • Linux Kernel 5.8 is the default kernel. It offers better stability and hardware compatibility.
  • Debian 10.6 updates are coming by default to fix security vulnerabilities and other critical issues.
  • deepin 20.1 offers a smoother and faster experience with custom-tuned Kernel configurations and improvements.
  • deepin 20.1 introduces new power settings - It supports three modes: Balanced, Power Saver, and High Performance.
  • Bluetooth file transfer is now possible from the control panel.
  • deepin 20.1 brings new deepin apps. Firefox -> Browser, Thunderbird -> Mail, GParted -> Disk Manager, and Cheese -> Camera. These apps give unified UI and interactive experiences.

To learn about other changes and improvements in deepin 20.1, see the official release announcement published in the project’s blog.

deepin 20.1 screenshots & preview video

Video Preview

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