The deepin community has announced the release of deepin 20.9. The core objective of deepin 20.9 is to improve the stability and robustness of the system with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Deepin 20.9 featured image

Deepin 20.9 brings the Qt version 5.15.8 and has updated the core system applications such as log viewer, photo album, drawing board, and system software package manager. Deepin 20.9 addresses several user experience issues to enhance the user experience.

What’s new in deepin 20.9?

The following section briefly explains the noteworthy highlights of the deepin 20.9 release. For further reading, you may refer deepin 20.09 official release announcement in projects website.

  • Qt 5.15.8
  • Optimization of the height of the window tube title bar from 40 pixels to 24 pixels;
  • Updated system log viewer application;
  • Updated system photo album application;
  • Updated system drawing board application;
  • Updated system software package management application;
  • Supported devices with a Boot partition and undamaged terminals to automatically repair the root file system in case of damage during the boot process;
  • Updated log collection tool;
  • Updated software package installer;
  • Updated terminal application;
  • Updated the high-performance mode/balance mode strategy.

Download Deepin 20.9

Deepin 20.9 is available for download from the official mirrors and 3rd party website.

Download Deepin 20.9 ISO