The Deepin Technology team has announced launch of new community website for the deepin technology - a Chinese firm doing innovative development on free & open source technologies.

The newly announced website is coming with a revamped layout and design. The site mainly includes community related content and announcements from deepin technology. The home page lists recent community announcement and provide links to various community channels of project, including facebook, twitter, weibo, telegram and other local community channels.

Courtesy : Deepin blog Courtesy : Deepin Community

As per official announcement, main highlights of community website can be summarized as follows:

  • Mainly shows the contents of the homepage, especially version information, community news and updates, etc;
  • Added column for projects to show Deepin Desktop Environment, Deepin Original Applications and Deepin Cooperative Applications;
  • Added column for documents to show community related documents, mainly wiki and installation process;
  • Integrated blog and make the existing sub domain blog a news center, to show news and updates at once;
  • Added app center to show apps for Deepin Store(to show the latest apps on web) and to show the entry for delivering apps(deliver to community for now, will deliver to the backend of the Deepin Store in the future);
  • Added developer community, mainly to let more developer join the development process and show version planning, howtos(make plugins for dock or control center, etc.) and how to join i18n project, etc;
  • Shows the community culture and put recruit, contact us and commercial cooperative to Deepin Commercial Website;