Regolith is an innovative desktop environment designed to improve productivity. Regolith uses the i3 window manager which is well known for its tiling approach and customizability. Regolith also integrates popular components such as i3bar, rofication, gnome-flashback, and ilia to provide a complete desktop interface.

The unique design of Regolith helps to avoid clutter while working by properly managing your open windows and applications.

Regolith Desktop comes with preconfigured keyboard shortcuts and tools to make it easier to open applications, arrange them, and navigate between opened applications.

There are multiple ways for installing Regolith Desktop. Add Regolith Repository in an apt-based system and install the regolith desktop package (Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 20.04, and Debian Bullseye) A preconfigured installation image with Regolith Desktop.

The Regolith Official Website gives a complete reference for configuring the desktop environment.

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