Clover OS is a performance-tuned, minimal GNU/Linux distribution derived from Gentoo. Clover OS uses a set of scripts and a package repository to build the Clover OS from Gentoo core.

Instead of delivering a fully customized distribution, Clover OS keeps the Gentoo base intact. It helps users to take advantage of all Gentoo features with ease.

A CloverOS desktop comes with OpenRC, FVWM (F Virtual Window Manager), udev, agetty, dhcpcd, and wpa_supplicant running. This minimal configuration will help users to customize their system to match their requirements.

Clover OS avoids packages like systemd, pulseaudio, dbus, avahi, and nls - which are often considered a sin to use. Clover OS offers better performance by removing bloated packages.

Some people finds the legacy of Crunchbang in Clover OS. It offers a similar installation and configuration approach.

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