Puppy Linux is a family of relatively small sized GNU/Linux distributions having common principles, built using the same set of tools. It ships with a unique set of applications and configurations to provide a consistent user experience, across the distributions.

Mainly, we can classify Puppy Linux distributions into three categories.

  • The official Puppy Linux distributions are general purpose GNU/Linux distributions maintained by Puppy Linux team. This is made using Puppy Linux system builder, ie, Woof-CE.
  • The woof-built Puppy distributions are also made using Woof-CE. It is customized to fulfill certain specific needs may provide a different look & feel.
  • The unofficial derivatives (aka puplets) are Puppy based custom distributions made by Puppy Linux community.

Type Linux
Status Active
Home Page https://puppylinux.com/
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Base distributions
  • Independent
Desktop Envrionments
  • jwm
  • roxfiler