The Kdenlive team has announced the release of Kdenlive 22.12, which makes video editing easier with improved guides, effects, and a redesigned user interface.

Kdenlive 22.12 featured image

Kdenlive is the most popular and professional video editor within the open-source ecosystem. It can be used for a broader range of applications from simple video editing to advanced video editing.

What’s new in Kdenlive 22.12?

The following section briefly describes the key highlights in Kdenlive 22.12.

  • Improves the user interface and provide options to remove all spaces or clips after the playhead.
  • Introduces Hamburger Menu. If you don’t use the standard menu bar much, you can opt to hide it and access through Hamburger Menu.
  • Introduces tooltip on most of the icons that explains the purpose of each button or action icon.
  • Redesigns the settings window to remove unused options.
  • Introduces new “Guides” dock with the ability to easily seek, search, sort and filter guides and markers. All marker (clips) and guide (timeline) features can now be found in the new Guides dock.
  • Adds keyframable audio level visualization filter, audio spectrum filter, and audio wave form filter
  • With a compatible version of Glaxnimate (version >= 0.5.1), Kdenlive can sends the content of the timeline to Glaxnimate with background. It makes easier to create animations that play together with your videos.

For further reading, see the Kdenlive 22.12 official release announcement.

Download Kdenlive 22.12

Kdenlive is well known for it’s distribution independent packaging formats like (AppImage and Flatpak). Also, it is available for Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS platforms.

Download Kdenlive 22.12 (AppImage) Download Kdenlive 22.12 (Flatpak) Download Kdenlive 22.12 (Other Options)