The Linux Lite team has announced the release of Linux Lite 5.0 with the code name Emerald. With the Ubuntu 20.04 Foundation, Linux Lite 5.0 is the most feature-rich release in the history of this distribution.

Linux Lite 5.0 Preview

In addition to all positives from Ubuntu 20.04, and Xfce 4.14 - Linux Lite 5.0 brings several other enhancements specific to the project. The noteworthy improvements in Linux Lite 5.0 Emeral are briefed below.

  • Introduces UEFI support
  • Telemetry is disabled by default. So, no hidden track without your knowledge.
  • Integrity check during live boot (a feature from Ubuntu core)
  • GUFW firewall is replaced with FireWallD. It is disabled by default.
  • Better update notification - Will check for updates twice a day by default and the user will be informed if any update.
  • Latest whisker menu with a default sort feature
  • Improved HiDPI configuration
  • Mousepad is the default text editor.
  • Lite Software includes a revised set of applications
  • Major improvements in the Help documentation.
  • Fresh looking logout options
  • Lite Welcome & Lite User Manager updated to python3
  • OEM installer for retailers and manufacturers
  • Firewall status included in Lite Widget
  • Language choice included on the login screen.
  • & more.

For a complete list of changes & improvements in Linux Lite 5.0, read the official release announcement in the project’s forum.

Linux Lite 5.0 screenshots

Video Preview

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