Mr Ken Moore on behalf of TrueOS project has announced release of Lumina Desktop 1.4.0, latest stable release of highly configurable desktop environment written from scractch. This release brings various improvements ranging from runtime optimizations to feature additions. It also implements support for ZFS, an advanced file system format which facilitate large scale data storage in a secure way.

Lumina Desktop 1.4.0 Preview

Various changes in Lumina Desktop 1.4.0 includes:

  • The Lumina theme engine : It is a new component of the “core” desktop, and provides enhanced theming capabilities for the desktop as well as all Qt5 applications. While it started out life as a fork of the “qt5ct” utility, it quickly grew all sorts of new features and functionality such as system-defined color profiles, modular theme components, and built-in editors/creators for all components.
  • The Lumina PDF Viewer : This is a new, stand-alone desktop utility for viewing/printing/presenting PDF documents. It uses the poppler-qt5 library in the backend for rendering the document, but uses multi-threading in many ways (such as to speed up the loading of pages) to give the user a nice, streamlined utility for viewing PDF documents.
  • Various updated packages & bug fixes.

For a complete list of changes, see original release announcement for Lumina Desktop 1.4.0 published in Lumina blog.