Mr. Philip Müller has announced the release of Manjaro 23.0 with the code name Uranos. The Manjaro 23 release includes all three official flavors, GNOME, Plasma and Xfce editions. Manjaro is a rolling GNU/Linux distribution based on Arch Linux.

Manjaro 23.0 featured image

What is new in Manjaro 23 Uranos?

Following section briefly explains the key highlights in Manjaro 23.0 Uranos.

GNOME Edition

One of the standout features of Uranos is the improvements made to the GNOME edition. They’ve incorporated updates from the GNOME 44 series, fixing various issues in initial GNOME 44 release. One of the most noteworthy changes is a grid view to GNOME’s file chooser dialogs, making it easy to select files based on their thumbnails.

Accessibility settings have also been revamped for GNOME 44, with improved design and clearer, more consistent settings. Mouse and Touchpad settings have been reworked, and informative videos have been added to help users better understand their options. Furthermore, Software in GNOME 44 offers a smoother and faster experience, reducing interruptions when browsing different software categories.

Plasma Edition

For the Plasma edition, Uranos comes with the latest Plasma 5.27 LTS series and KDE Gear 23.08. This update brings exciting improvements, including a window tiling system, a stylish app theme, cleaner and more user-friendly tools, and customizable widgets. KDE has also streamlined the System Settings utility and enhanced Wayland support, offering more ways to interact with your desktop.

Dolphin 23.08 in Uranos provides a clearer view of your files by hiding temporary and backup files. It also displays the progress of file size calculations in real-time, making file management more transparent.

In addition to these changes, Kalendar has been renamed as Merkuro and expanded to manage contacts. Skanpage, the scanning utility, now allows you to re-order multi-page scans with drag-and-drop and offers more adjustment options. Itinerary - the travel assistant can now import online railway tickets and booking details, although this feature is currently limited to Deutsche Bahn and SNCF.

Xfce Edition

The Manjaro 23 Uranos Xfce Edition includes Xfce 4.18, featuring a new file highlighting feature in Thunar file manager. The new feature allows you to set custom colors for file backgrounds and text, making it easier to identify specific files in a directory. Thunar also introduces recursive search.

The panel in the XFCE edition offers new preferences, allowing you to configure panel length in pixels and keep it above windows when using maximized apps. The Control Centre has consolidated various system management modules into one convenient window, offering new options like disabling header bars in dialogs and setting default multi-monitor behavior.

Manjaro 23.0 Uranos uses Kernel 6.5 that offers support for the latest drivers and additional support for older hardware through 6.1 LTS and 5.15 LTS.

For further reading and discussions, see the official Manjaro 23.0 Uranos release announcement in projects forums.