On 4th December 2022, the NomadBSD team announced the release of Nomad BSD 131R-20221130. Nomad BSD is a FreeBSD-based live distribution, with automatic hardware detection and installation scripts.

NomadBSD Preview

The Nomad BSD 131R-20221130 is coming almost 18 months after the previous release and is the second release after switching to a new version number scheme. In addition to the core BSD system updates, NomadBSD brings several improvements including an update tool.

The main highlights in NomadBSD 131R-20221130 release are as follows:

  • The base system has been changed to FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p5.
  • The file systems used on the UFS version are now created with soft updates journaling enabled to reduce file system repair problems after a crash.
  • The automatic graphics driver detection has been improved.
  • For better support of non-latin keyboard input and switching between layouts, IBus is now used.
  • The rc script for loading acpi modules has been improved.
  • SDDM replaces SLiM as the default display manager
  • To reduce installation image sizes, LibreOffice and some multimedia packages have been removed.
  • The kernel has been built with a patch that prevents some laptops from hanging when the hwpstate_intel driver is loaded. See: https://cgit.freebsd.org/src/commit/?id=67f2a563bfcad75c16536ca500b06ddc9306dfa0
  • Turkish localization and support for Opera and Microsoft Edge have been added to the Linux browser installer GUI.
  • Introduces an experimental nomadbsd-update tool to update components of the NomadBSD system.

Download Nomad BSD 131R-20221130

For more reading, see the official NomadBSd 131R-20221130 release announcement published on the project’s website.

NomadBSD 130R-20210508 screenshots

Video Preview

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