Over the years GNU/Linux operating system has grown to support a wide range of hardware devices. Also, there are some companies like system 76 who mainly focus on building GNU/Linux powered laptops. Most of the big players like HP, Dell, Lenovo has introduced few special laptops to attract GNU/Linux enthusiasts.

Lenovo Yoga 900

The keithcu has published an interesting article which takes us for a journey of running Arch Linux on a Lenovo Yoga 900, a modern laptop introduced by Chinese multinational technology company. This article can be seen as a hardware view. It starts the journey by mentioning source and price of the laptop and explains about different components of laptop in detail. Also it covers compatibility of the laptop with GNU/Linux operating system by taking Arch Linux as an example. Also, he has experimented with some Arch derivatives like Antergos and Manjaro.

I find Gnome classic a streamlined experience. I wish it wasn’t written in the clunky fad Javascript, and they re-enabled a community around custom themes and color schemes. It’s also still missing some nice features from Gnome 2 and Windows 10, and could be a bit more stable. Gnome 3.0 in 2011 was a step backwards, but six years later we’re up to Gnome 3.22, and things are mature again.

Gnome Classic is one of the best GUIs, but there are a number of good ones and all are getting better. This machine is working quite well now and I’m just going to sit back and keep waiting for the HiDPI and other improvements! I’m looking forward to deep learning inside the grammar checker of LibreOffice.

Read full article on keithcu’s blog.