On 28th November 2022, the Salix community announced the release of Salix Live Xfce 15.0. Salix Live Xfce 15.0 closely matches with Salix 15.0 standard release announced previously. On top, Salix Live 15.0 includes a graphical installer for installing the system. The live system also offers persistence - so you can either install the system on your disk or carry it as a portable system.

Salix Live Xfce 15.0 featured image

What’s new in Salix Live Xfce 15.0?

Following are the noteworthy features of the Salix Live Xfce 15.0 release.

  • Salix Live Xfce 15 is aligned with the standard release and features Xfce 4.16 as the main desktop environment.
  • Most of the applications including graphical system tools use GTK +3 framework.
  • Firefox 102ESR
  • LibreOffice 7.4
  • GIMP 2.10
  • Thousands of packages have been added to Salix repositories and are now available through Gslapt package manager.
  • Flathub is preconfigured and users can directly install applications from flathub.org
  • Salix Live Xfce 15.0 is available in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.

For further reading, see the Salix Live Xfce 15.0’s official release announcement in projects forums.

Download Salix Live Xfce 15.0

The Salix Live 15.0 is available for download from the project’s Sourceforge page.

Download Salix Live Xfce 15.0 Xfce 64 BIT Download Salix Live Xfce 15.0 Xfce 32 BIT

Salix 15.0 screenshots

The following section showcases some screenshots captured in Salix 15.0 running on VirtualBox. It will be similar to the live release as well.

Video Preview

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