The Siduction community has released Siduction 2018.1.0, the first release of Debian unstable based GNU/Linux distribution in 2018. This release is built on top of Debian unstable snapshot from 29th December 2017 with some enhancements like a brand new installer, various useful scripts & packages, and a patched Linux Kernel.

Siduction 2018.1.0 banner

Sidcution 2018.1.0 comes in various flavors. The desktop flavors include KDE, LXQt, GNOME, Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE, LXDE, Xorg, and noX. Currently, GNOME, MATE & LXDE flavors and largely unmaintained. Depending on the availability of volunteers, these flavors may be discontinued in future.

Quoting from original release announcement for Siduction 2018.1.0:

KDE Plasma stands at version 5.10.5, while GNOME comes in at 3.26 with some packages still at 3.24. LXQt ships at 0.12.0 and Xfce at 4.12.4, while Cinnamon comes in at 3.4.6 and MATE at 1.18.3. Sadly, right now, GNOME, MATE and LXDE are largely unmaintained. If no one steps up to keep them in a releasable state, we might have to drop these flavors with our next release. The corresponding packages will stay in the archives.

This release comes with the name “patience 2018.1.0”. How we deal with this in the future is unclear. The next release, which might be there in March, in advance of CLT 2018, will ship whatever we come up with. Maybe it’ll be just numbered…