Mr Tomas M, developer of Slax has announced the release of Slax 9.3, the latest stable release of Debian based, live GNU/Linux distribution that follows a modular design approach. One of the major highlights of this release is the inclusion of various firmware drivers to provide better support for WiFi devices.

Application Launcher in Slax 9.3

The inclusion of additional firmware drivers makes the Slax image a little bigger (around 40 MB). Though, this can be justified by support for various WiFi devices. A bigger distribution with network capabilities is definitely better than a small distribution without networking capabilities.

Other notable changes in Slax 9.3 includes:

  • There were some regression tests to identify issues while booting from alternative file systems. Some of the issues have been identified and corrected during this phase. This mainly includes the ability to boot from NTFS and ext4 file systems.
  • If booted from a writable storage medium, Slax enables persistence by default.
  • added pcmanfm as file manager for GUI
  • added wicd as wifi network manager
  • xLunch now auto updates, to see newly installed apps
  • hard drives are mounted on boot and bookmarks added to pcmanfm
  • keyboard layout stays persistent
  • screen resolution change is reimplemented to make it work better
  • syslinux updated to newest version

You may also proceed to read original Slax 9.3 release announcement in project’s website.