The Solus team has announced the release of Solus 4.5 Resilience, a feature-packed update across its GNOME, Budgie, Plasma, and Xfce editions. The release includes kernel updates, software updates and other enhancements.

Solus 4.5 featured image

General Enhancements

  • New Installer Experience: Streamlined installation with the Calamares installer, supporting BTRFS and custom partition layouts.
  • Pipewire Integration: Improved media framework replacing PulseAudio and JACK, enhancing Bluetooth audio performance.
  • ROCm Support for AMD: ROCm 5.5 introduces GPU acceleration for applications like Blender and extends compatibility to more AMD hardware.
  • Linux Kernel 6.6.9: Wider hardware support with notable changes, including the BORE scheduler for enhanced desktop responsiveness.

Desktop Environment Highlights

Budgie 10.8.2

  • Dark Style Preference: Consistent dark theme experience with a simple toggle.
  • Trash Applet: Efficient trash management for easy file deletion and restoration.
  • Quality-of-life Improvements: Enhanced system tray, notification system, and keyword support in fuzzy searching.

GNOME 45.2

  • Speedinator Extension: Accelerates Gnome Shell animations.
  • Default GTK Theme: Uniform look for GTK3 and GTK4 applications with adw-gtk3-dark.
  • Configuration Changes: Centered new windows and extended timeout for “Application not responding.”

Plasma 5.27.10

  • Defaults Configuration Changes: Improved custom theme, double-click to open, and new tab opening in Dolphin.
  • Plasma 6 Support: Anticipating the first stable release later this year.

Xfce 4.18

Solus 4.5 is the first release to feature a Xfce desktop environment. There could be some rough edges. So, this can be considered as a beta release.

  • Lightweight Experience: XFCE 4.18 offers a traditional layout with Whiskermenu.
  • Modern Look: Qogir GTK theme with Papirus icon theme for a sleek appearance.
  • Bluetooth Support: Blueman pre-installed for seamless Bluetooth connectivity.

Download Solus 4.5 Resilience

Solus 4.5 Resilience is available for free download from the projects official website.

Download Solus 4.5 Resilience