The Tails project has announced the release of Tails 6.4, the latest version of their privacy-focused operating system. This update significantly improves security and stability, making it even easier for users to protect their online activity.

Tails 6.4 featured image

Strengthened Cryptography

A key highlight of Tails 6.4 is the introduction of a random seed stored directly on the USB stick. This strengthens the overall cryptography used by Tails, providing a more secure foundation for features like Persistent Storage, Tor, and HTTPS connections.

Improved User Experience

The update also addresses several user-reported issues. Users will find:

  • Smoother unlocking of Persistent Storage: Resolved bugs that caused occasional problems when accessing encrypted storage.
  • Reliable mobile network connections: Fixed an issue that prevented users from connecting to mobile broadband networks on certain hardware configurations.
  • Restored PDF functionality in Thunderbird: The previously disabled PDF reader in Thunderbird is now re-enabled, offering users a convenient way to view - PDF attachments within the email client.
  • Enhanced error messages: Improve the error message of Tails Cloner when the target USB stick cannot be unmounted because it is being used.

Additional Updates

  • Tails 6.4 utilizes HTTPS addresses for Debian and Tails APT repositories instead of Onion addresses, enhancing the reliability of the “Additional Software” feature.
  • The update includes the latest versions of Tor Browser (13.0.16), Tor client (, and Thunderbird (115.12.0).

Upgrading to Tails 6.4

If you’re already using Tails, upgrade your USB stick to version 6.4 through the built-in update mechanism. Automatic upgrades are available for users with Tails 6.0 or later versions. Upgrading manually is recommended to minimize the download size for future updates. For new users or those who need to create a new Tails USB stick, you can download the latest ISO image from the official Tails website [].

For further information on Tails 6.4, read the official release announcement on the project’s blog.