The team behind Tiny Core Linux is thrilled to unveil the latest release, Core v15.0! Packed with enhancements and updates, this release brings a host of improvements to enrich your computing experience. Tiny Core Linux is an independent GNU/Linux distribution that brings the essential GUI experience with minimum installation size.

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Key Highlights:

  • Kernel Upgrade: Enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance and compatibility with the kernel updated to version 6.6.8.
  • Updated Libraries: Stay up-to-date with the latest libraries including:
    • glibc 2.38
    • gcc 13.2.0
    • binutils 2.41
    • e2fsprogs base libs/apps 1.47.0
    • util-linux base libs/apps 2.39.2
    • zlib base lib 1.3
  • Software Updates: Keep your tools sharp with updated software components:
    • Busybox 1.36.1
  • Enhanced Functionality: Experience improved functionality and convenience with various updates and additions:
    • tce-functions/setdrive/setup: Now utilizes ‘:’ in chown for improved performance.
    • tce-audit: Introduces md5check action and updates from bdantas.
    • tce-load: Features sudo touch from polikuo.
    • update-everything: Handle missing or extraneous dep files and add safety checks from bdantas.
    • tce-update: Allows tcedir/optional to be a symlink for enhanced flexibility.
  • Busybox Configuration: Change in CONFIG_FEATURE_EDITING_HISTORY from 150 to 1000 for improved functionality.

Stay ahead of the curve with Tiny Core Linux v15.0, offering a seamless blend of efficiency, performance, and reliability. Upgrade now to elevate your computing experience!

For more details and to download Tiny Core Linux v15.0, visit:

Experience the power of simplicity with Tiny Core Linux!