Mr. Rudra Saraswat has announced the release of Ubuntu Unity 22.10. This is the first official release from the Ubuntu Unity project after getting recognized as an official community flavor of Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Unity project takes the legendary Unity desktop experience to the next level.

Ubuntu Unity 22.10 featured image

What’s new in Ubuntu Unity 22.10?

Following are the noteworthy features of the Ubuntu Unity 22.10 release.

  • Ubuntu Unity 22.10 Replaces all the libadwaita apps with MATE alternatives
  • Introduce the option to toggle between dark and light themes from the panel, and accent colors can be changed.
  • It also replaces all the libadwaita apps with MATE alternatives.
  • The ISO size is reduced to 2.8 GB
  • The RAM usage is lower now. In an idle state, it takes around 631 MB

For further reading, see tUbuntu Unity 22.10’s official release announcement in the project’s blog.

Download Ubuntu Unity 22.10

Download Ubuntu Unity 22.10

Ubuntu Unity 22.10 screenshots

The following section showcases some screenshots captured in Ubuntu Unity 22.10.

Video Preview

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