Mr Eric Turgeon of the GhostBSD project has announced the release of GhostBSD 18.10. This is the first release of the GhostBSD project with the TrueOS, a core operating system that serves the role of a parent for many distributions.

GhostBSD 18.10 Preview

GhostBSD 18.10 is using MATE as default desktop environment. It is shipped with a decent looking Gtk+ theme to provide improved desktop experience. In the future, there could be some community editions of GhostBSD with other desktop environments like Xfce.

With the FreeOS to TrueOS base migration, GhostBSD brings a handful of remarkable changes, which are summarized below.

  • OpenRC is GhostBSD main init system
  • LibreSSL is the default SSL
  • The GhostBSD base system can now be upgraded to the next release via TrueOS packages base
  • GRUB is replaced with FreeBSD hybrid loader.
  • NetworkMgr now supports the option to manage multiple network card connection.
  • Unionfs was removed from the live session.
  • The live system has been rewritten to fix many issues
  • GhostBSD boots directly to mate session
  • GhostBSD supports ZFS BE by default
  • FreeBSD ports and packages are incompatible with GhostBSD 18.10
  • GhostBSD uses TrueOS ports to build packages.
  • drm-next-kmod was added for newer AMD and Intel support
  • ibva-intel-driver and libva-vdpau-driver was added to supports accelerated video driver for some Intel card
  • nvidia-driver-390.87 was added by default to support latest Nvidia card.
  • xconfig was created to add generated default xorg.conf.

In addition to these improvements, there are multiple issue fixes included in this release. For further reading on GhostBSD 18.10, proceed to official release announcement.