The Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora 29 Beta. This is a footstep to the upcoming Fedora 29 release. The beta release will show a strong resemblance with the final release. It provides an opportunity for individuals and corporates to ensure their required functionality is working properly. If not, they may file an issue with Fedora QA team.

Fedora 29 Beta banner Image courtesy: Fedora Magazine

Availability of Fedora 29 Beta

Fedora 29 beta release announcement is applicable for all Fedora editions including Fedora Workstation, Server Edition, Atomic Edition, and the Silver Blue edition. It also offers popular variants as Fedora spins with an alternative desktop environment, Fedora Labs and ARM editions. These pre-release images can be downloaded from Fedora Portal.

What is different in Fedora 29 Beta?

Fedora 29 Beta showcases a plethora of changes that we can expect in the final release. This includes the availability of modular repositories in all editions, GNOME 3.30 in Fedora 29 Workstation ..etc.

  • Modular repositories: Modular repositories are a way to keep multiple versions of same software parallelly. In Fedora 28, this was included in Server Edition only. Fedora 29 beta release introduces modular packages across all the editions.
  • GNOME 3.30: Fedora 29 beta features GNOME 3.30, a recently released version of GNOME Desktop. It provides significant performance and usability improvements.
  • Other updates like The Fedora Atomic Workstation was rebranded as Fedora Silverblue, the GRUB menu will be hidden on single OS installation. Fedora 29 also includes updated versions of many popular packages like MySQL, the GNU C Library, Python and Perl.

You can read more about Fedora 29 Beta in the original release announcement. For a complete list of changes in Fedora 29, see the ChangeLogs.