The GNOME Foundation has released GNOME 3.30. It is a result of 6 months of development effort by the GNOME community and includes major new features and smaller stability and performance improvements. A number of community developers around the world has helped to make this release possible.

A preview of GNOME Desktop 3.30 With the improved performance, GNOME 3.30 can run multiple applications simultaneously, without affecting performance

The GNOME 3.30 is named as Almeria, as a recognition to the GUADEC organizing team at Almeria, Spain. GUADEC is an annual conference of GNOME developers and community.

What is new in GNOME 3.30?

GNOME 3.30 is a major release from popular open source desktop environment. So, it is quite obvious to expect a lot from this release. The main highlights in GNOME 3.30 include,

  • GNOME 3.30 has fixed some critical memory leak issues. This has helped the project to make it’s footprint smaller. With the improved resource usage, we can now run multiple application without affecting the performance.
  • GNOME 3.30 makes screen sharing and remote desktop session easier. An indicator is added to the system menu to quickly monitor the status of the connection and to disconnect when required.
  • The GNOME Software now includes the option to enable/disable automatic update of flatpak applications.
  • The Web application now enables the minimal view. With this, when reading some content, you can toggle the minimal view to give more focus on content rather than controls. The minimal view stripes out images and unnecessary parts from the web page and makes the content more readable.
  • Boxes, the GNOME virtual machine application, can now connect to remote windows servers using the remote desktop protocol(RDP). This enables seamless integration with Windows servers.
  • Games, the gaming application is faster now. It enables navigation with the gamepad and includes some new games.
  • GNOME 3.30 includes a new application called Podcasts. It helps to easily monitor, subscribe and watch podcasts right from the desktop.
  • And more For a complete list of features in GNOME 3.30, read the release notes available in projects website. You may also check out GNOME 3.30 screenshots published on DistroScreens