In our previous story, we explored Linux Mint 19.2 - Cinnamon Edition. Now, it is time to explore other Linux Mint flavors. Let’s move to Linux Mint 19.2 MATE Edition.

Linux Mint 19.2 is shipped with MATE 1.22, a bug fix release of MATE Desktop focusing on stability and performance improvements.

Linux Mint 19.2 MATE Desktop Linux Mint 19.2 MATE Desktop

The main highlights in MATE 1.22 are listed below:

  • Support for metacity-3 themes
  • Better looking window and desktop switchers
  • Better systemd support in the session manager
  • Configurable delay for automatically started applications
  • Desktop notifications for long-running file operations
  • Support for new compression formats and the ability to pause/resume compression/decompression
  • New key shortcuts for different types of media keys like Bluetooth, WiFi, touchpads, and global killswitches

In addition to these MATE specific improvments, the MATE Edition also includes updates from the common Linux Mint pool, which are explained in our previous story.

Following section showcases some screenshots captured on Linux Mint 19.2 MATE Edition.