The ArchLabs team has announced the availability of a new default theme for testing. This will be the default theme in upcoming ArchLabs releases. Currently, the team is focusing on the window manager theme. The team is yet to finalize the icon theme. Two possible candidates for icon theme are existing ArchLabs-light theme and Suru++ Aspromauros icon theme.

A preview of ArchLabs-dark-theme A preview of ArchLabs Dark theme

The new theme is available on ArchLabs-dark theme repository hosted on Gitlab. It will be made available on ArchLabs testing repositories in a few days.

The main highlights of the ArchLabs-light theme include,

  • Added Geany color scheme. This is in the .config file. Named ArchLabs-dARK.
  • Jgmenu added and updated.
  • st color theme added.
  • Alternative window buttons added. The final choice will be decided by the poll included.
  • Polybar updated to a new scheme. You will need to change in the config file the path to master and modules with your username.
  • Custom Firefox CSS included. Read changelog on how to use.
  • Options on a new theme for the mouse cursor.
  • Unfocused window decoration change as per @m00n.
  • Dunst updated and included.
  • Alternative window decoration colors to replace the OSX traffic lights New Default Theme Available for Testing

You can find the updates on ArchLabs-dark theme on ArchLabs forums. In case you are testing this theme, you can also leave feedback on ArchLabs forums.