The ArchLabs Linux team has announced the release of ArchLabs 2017.12, the latest stable release of Arch based GNU/Linux distribution featuring customized open box desktop environment. This release brings various package updates from upstream project, ie, Arch and other cool improvements in visual experience.

ArchLabs as an Arch based distribution, usually ships rolling release. However, considering some significant changes in the distribution, ArchLabs team decided to ship another snapshot release. This will be the final release of project in this year.

A preview of ArchLabs 2017.12

One of the major change in ArchLabs 2017.12 is the removal of Calamares installer in favor of ABIF. This was done by the discretion of core developers. It will also help the distribution to cut the image size by a few megabytes.

Other highlights in ArchLabs 2017.12 includes:

  • jgmenu a very cool menu has been added to Polybar.
  • Polybar itself has had another makeover, and I think it is looking super sharp.
  • Pacli has been forked for use with ArchLabs. All the options now work as they should.
  • new default monospaced font has been added, the very stylish Fantasque Sans font.
  • The obligatory change to the default wallpaper, which is pretty much expected upon every release. I personally have prescribed to the “Ubuntu Theorem of New Release Wallpaper“, which is “slightly changed but still the same”. I think this brings a consistent and recognizable look to ArchLabs.
  • Numerous minor changes across the board.
  • Polybar-zen, that’s all I’m saying…
  • Oblogout has been removed, rofi-logout has replaced this. Looks good too.
  • Al-Hello has had another upgrade and is looking incredible.

For more information, see ArchLabs 2017.12 release announcement published in projects website.