The deepin LLC has announced the release of deepin 20, the latest stable release of beautiful GNU/Linux distribution featuring an innovative deepin desktop environment.

The major highlight of deepin 20 is the redesigned desktop environment that offers a fresh and warm user experience. The change ranges from a brand new launcher to overall visual improvements. In addition to this, deepin 20 also brings updates from the Debian 10.5 foundation. With dual Kernel feature, deepin offers Linux Kernel 5.4, and 5.7 which contributes more to the system stability and compatibility.

deepin 20 preview

What is new in deepin 20?

This section briefly explains the changes in deepin 20. For a detailed list of changes and screenshots, read the official release announcement.

  • The new design presents colorful icons, a fresh graphics interface, natural and smooth animation effects, unique rounded-corner windows, and an exquisite multitask view. All of them build a fashion and user-friendly desktop environment. It also enables adjusting light and dark themes and temperature settings.
  • Personalized notifications settings allow configuring notifications to various levels, such as showing on the lock screen, showing on the notification area, .etc
  • The system installer offers dual kernel features - Kernel 5.4 and 5.7 and corresponding safe graphics modes.
  • Redesigned installer which makes installation much easier. NVidia graphics driver will be automatically detected by the installer, it will do the needful.
  • Deepin store enables easier application management with different filters.
  • The new fingerprint feature offers a more accurate identification of fingerprint. It also supports a wider range of devices now.
  • more..

Download deepin 20 (OSDN)

deepin 20 screenshots

Video Preview

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