RedCore Linux is a robust distribution rooted in Gentoo Linux’s testing branch, featuring a default hardened profile. Originating as a fork of the now-discontinued Kogaion Linux, RedCore Linux was initiated by Ghiunhan Mamut, a steadfast member of the RogentOS Development Group committed to preserving the project’s legacy.

RedCore Linux upholds the original vision of Kogaion Linux, striving to spread the power of Gentoo Linux. Offering a streamlined alternative to traditional Gentoo installations, RedCore Linux simplifies the setup of a Gentoo-compatible system by providing a repository of prebuilt binary packages under a rolling release model.

RedCore Linux targets casual laptop/desktop users and, to some extent, workstation power users. It adeptly meets gaming, multimedia, office tasks, and internet browsing needs. While featuring select development tools, the repository deliberately excludes server applications, emphasizing a concise, high-quality software collection over quantity.

RedCore Linux originates from a Gentoo Linux stage3, incorporating essential components such as a kernel, bootloader, dbus, initramfs generator (Dracut), and OpenRC init system configuration. This forms the core of RedCore Linux, equivalent to a Gentoo Linux stage4. The stage4 is then squashfs-ed, serving as a robust foundation for further development. Vasile, the project’s versatile tool, utilizes this stage4 to compile packages and create ISO images.

Experience the efficiency and power of RedCore Linux, seamlessly combining Gentoo’s strengths with user-friendly accessibility.

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