Starbuntu is an Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distribution with the Openbox window manager. The Openbox in Starbuntu is customized to maximize the user experience.

Starbuntu is offered in four languages: English, German, Italian and Spanish which can be set during the boot process.

The display manager is sddm, OpenBox serves as the window manager, Rox provides the desktop environment and the file manager and Tint2 offers the panel. Besides the collection of well-known software, it is enriched by many self-written applications which enable a harmonious, consistent, and very practical desktop environment.

Some key features of Starbuntu include the below.

  • an enhancement of the file manager ROX-Filer regarding a two- instances-window, the trash bin, the mounting of media, etc.
  • editable access to peripheral devices and external file systems (LAN devices, ISO images, FTP, SSH, and WebDav servers)
  • an own application for varying or static wallpaper
  • an enhancement of the window manager OpenBox regarding the positioning, centering, and tiling of windows
  • an own graphic application for the user change, mostly to the root
  • an own stand-alone application menu independent from any desktop environment
  • a very smart note pad not only for notes but also for files, folders, web and e-mail addresses, which after clicking on them get all opened with their default applications
  • a text entry box with history for the search engines Startpage, Google or DuckDuckGo
  • a Starbuntu-specific file type *.url, similar to that in Microsoft-Windows, as a pointer to local files and folders, to web sites, FTP, SSH and WebDav servers, mail recipients, etc. which open the saved address always with the mime type corresponding application
  • the possibility to put any command into the system tray
  • an own administration software for the user-specific key bindings sorted by labels or by hotkeys
  • an own clipboard manager with a separated history and editability for the primary and the secondary selection as well as for the clipboard
  • an own very powerful general application for all file types, addresses etc.
  • detailed assistance for the entire Starbuntu software
  • a forum on its home page for questions and answers, suggestions and bug reports
  • with TinyCore a boot alternative to a small but efficient operating system to backup or repair Starbuntu.

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