As of March 2022, Project Trident, a desktop operating system based on TrueOS, has been officially discontinued. The project, known for incorporating the security, stability, and reliability features of BSD distributions, provided a set of self-developed utilities to create an easy-to-use system for both beginners and advanced users.

Initially conceived as a continuation of the TrueOS desktop edition, Project Trident emerged in response to TrueOS transitioning to a core distribution, serving as a foundational base for other distributions. Led by some of the TrueOS project members, the Trident project welcomed contributions from the open-source community.

Lumina served as the default desktop environment for Project Trident, offering a simple and functional desktop environment developed by the TrueOS team.

In October 2019, the Project Trident team announced their plan to switch the existing TrueOS foundation to Void Linux. This transition was completed in February of 2020 when the first official release using Void Linux was published. However, with the discontinuation of Project Trident in March 2022, these plans have been discontinued as well.

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