TrueOS (earlier, PC-BSD or BSD) is a BSD distribution that inherits the tradition of security and stability from FreeBSD, an independent BSD distribution. It also includes the latest drivers, security and package updates from the FreeBSD-CURRENT branch.

The initial aim of TrueOS was to provide an ideal Desktop BSD operating system that is usable for both absolute beginners and advanced users. Later, the project decided to become a Core operating system that combines the power of FreeBSD and modern technologies like OpenRC and ZFS support to provide a stable base for other distributions to evolve from. Also, it was decided to take forward the idea of Desktop BSD under the title Project Trident.

The main highlights of TrueOS includes:

  • A brand new driver package shipped with TrueOS provides support for newer Intel graphics chipsets and hardware
  • PersonalCrypt allows to encrypt user home directory and to take it to other TrueOS machines.
  • GELI full disk encryption support which ensures the safety of data even in case of physical theft.
  • Full clang functionality built from ports

Type BSD
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