TrueOS (formerly known as PC-BSD or BSD) was a BSD distribution that inherited the legacy of security and stability from FreeBSD, an independent BSD distribution. It incorporated the latest drivers, security updates, and package enhancements from the FreeBSD-CURRENT branch.

Initially conceived with the goal of offering an optimal Desktop BSD operating system suitable for both novices and advanced users, TrueOS underwent a transition. The project evolved into a Core operating system, merging the robustness of FreeBSD with contemporary technologies like OpenRC and ZFS support to establish a stable foundation for the development of other distributions. Additionally, the concept of Desktop BSD was carried forward under the new moniker Project Trident.

Key features of TrueOS included:

  • A fresh driver package bundled with TrueOS that provided support for newer Intel graphics chipsets and hardware.
  • PersonalCrypt, enabling users to encrypt their home directories and seamlessly transfer them to other TrueOS machines.
  • GELI full disk encryption support, ensuring the security of data even in the event of physical theft.
  • Full clang functionality built from ports.

It’s important to note that TrueOS has since been discontinued, marking the end of its development and support.

Type BSD
Status Discontinued
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