The Fedora team has announced the official release of Fedora 31. This release includes Fedora Workstation, Official spins, server edition, Fedora Core OS and Lab editions. All of these varieties showcases the power and caliber of the latest open source technologies.

Fedora 31 Preview

What’s new in Fedora 31?

There are several noteworthy highlights in Fedora 31 release. Here we are briefing some of the handpicked updates.

GNOME 3.34

The Fedora 31 Workstation features GNOME 3.34 as the default desktop environment. It continues to provide a better and smoother user experience with the advent of modern technologies.

The visible changes in GNOME 3.34 include redesigned background and lock screen settings page, and the ability to create custom folders in the application menu.

Python means Python 3

As Python 2 is approaching its end of life, Fedora 31 has switched the python to point the Python 3. Python 3 will be the default across the operating system beginning from this release.

Latest technologies at the first

Fedora 31 brings the most recent updates from various libraries and development tools. This ensures that Fedora users are always leading the way not just following. Glibc 2.30 and NodeJS 12 are among the many updated packages in Fedora 31.

It is the end of i386 era

Finally, the Fedora project has decided to drop support for i386 architecture. Beginning from Fedora 31, there would not be any Fedora release that supports i386 hardware.

Fedora 31 Workstation screenshots

Video Preview

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