On 2nd November 2021, the Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora 35. This release includes Workstation, Server, IoT editions, Fedora Spins and Labs, and images for ARM devices.

Fedora 35 Workstation featured image

What is new in Fedora 35?

Following are the salient features in Fedora 35 release.

  • Fedora 35 Workstation includes GNOME 41 - the latest stable release from the popular desktop project. Probably, Fedora 35 Workstation will be the first regular distribution to ship GNOME 41 by default. GNOME 41 includes redesigned Software App and other configuration options.
  • GNOME 41 also introduces Connections, a new client for VNC- and RDP-based remote desktop.
  • Cloud images have hybrid boot support, unifying the legacy (BIOS) and UEFI boot modes.
  • Fedora 35 Cloud introduces support for BRTFS
  • Fedora 35 introduces Fedora Kinoite = a KDE Plasma environment based on rpm-ostree technology. Like Fedora Silverblue, Kinoite provides atomic updates and an immutable operating system for increased reliability.
  • Fedora 35 build keeps WirePlumber as the default session manager. WirePlumber enables customization of rules for routing streams to and from devices.
  • Python 3.10, Perl 5.34, and PHP 8.0.

For further reading, see the Fedora 35 release announcement in the Fedora Magazine.

Fedora 35 Workstation screenshots

These screenshots are captured on a pre-release of Fedora 35 after the BETA release. The actual look may slighly differ in the final release.

Video Preview

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