Mr. Matthew Miller has announced the release of Fedora 38 Beta. The Fedora 38 Beta release announcement includes the Workstation edition, desktop spins, lab editions, and other special-purpose distributions, like IoT and Cloud images. Fedora 38 Beta is a footstep towards the upcoming stable release and brings all the latest features and enhancements that we can expect in the final release.

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What’s new in Fedora 38 Beta?

The salient highlights in Fedora 38 Beta releaes are as follows.

  • The Fedora 38 Beta Workstation includes GNOME 44 Beta. The final GNOME 44 release be ready by March. GNOME 44 brings several improvements, including a new lock screen, a background apps section on the quick menu, and improvements to accessibility settings . In addition, enabling third-party repositories now enables an unfiltered view of applications on Flathub.
  • Packages are now built with stricter compiler flags that protect against buffer overflows. The rpm package manager uses a Sequoia-based OpenPGP parser instead of its own implementation.
  • Developers seeking to enhance the performance of their Linux applications will find the frame pointers integrated into official packages to be valuable. As a result, Fedora Linux is an excellent platform for profiling applications.
  • Package updates: Ruby 3.2, gcc 13, LLVM 16, Golang 1.20, PHP 8.2, and much more!

For further information, you may read the below posts published on Fedora Magazine portal.

Download Fedora 38 Beta

You may download Fedora 38 Beta installation images from the projects official download page. Download Fedora 38 Beta

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