Mr. Matthew - Fedora project leader has announced the release of Fedora 38 - which includes the Workstation with GNOME 44, server editions, Fedora spins, Fedora labs and other special purpose images.

Fedora 38 introduces several new spins. Fedora spins are variants that promotes different desktop environments. The Fedora Budgie Spin offers a premiere Budgie Desktop experience on top of Fedora. While Fedora Sway window manager spin is for people who prefer tiling window manager. Sway is designed to function as a seamless alternative to the i3 window manager by utilizing the contemporary Wayland protocol. The Fedora 38 also Phosh image, which incorporates the Gnome-based Wayland shell specifically tailored for mobile devices.

Fedora 38 featured image

What’s new in Fedora 38?

The following section briefly explains key highlights in Fedora 38 release.

  • Fedora 38 Workstation features GNOME 44 - which is the latest and most advanced release from the GNOME project till date.
  • Introduces Budgie & Sway spins
  • Introduces Phosh image for mobile devices.
  • Fedora 38 replaces Microdnf with a newer version called dnf5, which offers performance enhancements, a smaller memory usage, and a new daemon that can substitute PackageKit.

For further information, you can read the official Fedora 38 release announcement and a blog post explaining new features in Fedora 38 Workstation.

Download Fedora 38

Fedora 38 and all its varities are freely available in Fedora official website.

Download Fedora 38

Fedora 38 Workstation screenshots

Video Preview

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